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Rodents Glue Tray

Rodents Glue Tray
Per 2 units

Glue tray trap is highly efficient at trapping rodents. Any person can install and place these traps since they are easy to use, reliable can be used at places where the traditional chemical or mechanical products cannot be placed.
The non-toxic glue used in the trap has to lure properties, …

Cockroach special Glue trap for kitchen

Cockroach special Glue trap for kitchen
Per pack (2 units)

These traps are great because of their great size and perfect results.


Crawling Insects Glue Tray

Crawling Insects Glue Tray
Per pack (10 units)

The cockroach glue trap is safe in use in residential, food handling areas, and utility rooms. The attractant in the form of a pill based on food aromas and ingredients
attracts cockroaches to the glue surface and traps it permanently. It is free of harmful substances. In standard conditions, …

Flying Pests Glue Tray

Flying Pests Glue Tray
Per pack (10 units)

Sticky Traps with color attractants for economic and highly effective monitoring and mass-trapping of a broad spectrum of flying insects.
Our trap contains, a nontoxic odorless adhesive that is very effective and efficient. Millions of these traps have been used by alert greenhouse growers, orchardists, and universities. The main …

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