Boyer technician are highly trained to treat the termites before construction starts that would help defending against possible termite infestation claims in the future as they frequently dwell where there is a high concentration of moisture. In old houses, these are frequent problems because they tend to live in obstructed or blocked water supply and sewerage pipes. After our inspection, you would get a detailed report showing exactly what steps are required to be done to just ensure a termite-free area.


Boyer offers termite treatment in pre-construction stages through several steps to ensure a termite-free area. Treating the soil before any concrete placement with our special insecticide is the most common method of termite treatment. It will form a strong barrier between the ground concrete and building materials used that will prevent the insects from approaching the building. Boyer treatment can be done as follows:

  • Treat the bottom and sides of an excavation with chemical products prior to the onset of foundation work.
  • An exact calculation of the area would be made to make sure that the concentration of the solution sprayed.
  • Treat the perimeter of the construction by making holes filled with our special insecticide surrounding the structure.
  • Treating the portion of the buildings where wooden products such as cabinets, doors, and others will be placed.


It’s not just enough to perform Pre-construction services to ensure a Termite-free environment. The Post-construction treatment would start with a detailed assessment of the entire area where we would determine the extent of the damage if occurred, the location of the termites, their access points, and how much they are spread in the area.

Boyer would recommend these tips to abide with:

  • Boyer technicians will treat the floors and walls by making holes and filling them with our special insecticide. All walls should be treated to ensure that no more spreading will continue.
  • Our technicians would treat all points of contact of wood with the ground or with any part of the building.
  • Boyer would just advise if wood products or furniture that have high impact and presence of termites would be treated and what is the best method to treat them or what steps to undertake.

Above are just a couple of steps of our whole process to treat termite infestation to ensure 100% success in our services that we would perform to get the best and safest results.