Silver Package (Mosquitoes Treatment)

Boyer will ensure a Mosquitoes free area using the best insecticides complied with the Integrated Pest Management system required by international standards. Our dedication and follow-up in our services will lead to excellent results where we will be dealing with every infestation that would arise case by case.

Our services are divided into 4 stages:

  • Our German Truck Mountable Thermal Foggers will fog all the streets to ensure that we are covering all areas. Boyer’s special trucks will just drive slowly to make sure the huge amount of fog will just spread in all directions and corners. Our fog is just odorless and is just in compliance with international standards and regulations.
  • Our German ULV Truck Mountable Machine will just spray all areas same routing as the thermal foggers. Boyer will ensure that the small droplets of solution sprays will just spread with the correct flow rate l/km is regulated by a built-in GPS. The GPS measures the vehicle speed and automatically synchronizes the flow rate to the speed. Spraying is halted when the vehicle stops, and this is indicated by a red LED. Spraying resumes when the vehicle is moving again, and the flow rate is variably controlled by GPS based on the speed, within a range of 3 to 25 km/h. If the vehicle is too fast, an acoustic warning signal sounds and the red LED on the right hand side lights up. The driver now has 20 seconds to reduce speed and return the vehicle to the correct green LED range.
  • Our German Thermal Fogger is equipped with a special fog outlet where you would able to direct the fog into small openings, e.g. into sewers and buildings. After treating the sewage system where most mosquitoes would breed in standing water, we will guarantee for you excellent result.
  • Boyer technicians will also spray all garbage containers and collecting area, sidewalks, and all the streets plus special dust will be spread to have greater and longer control of insects.

Gold Package (Mosquitoes & Crawling Insects Treatment)

In addition to our Mosquito Treatment, we will handle any crawling insect (cockroaches, ants, spiders, snakes, millipedes, and scorpions) infestation that would arise. Thanks to our snake’s glue traps that will just let all kinds of insects get stuck in it. Moreover, the Boyer technician will just spray all common areas, sewage systems, and garbage collection areas to make sure that you would get the best results.