Boyer is the first company in Lebanon to introduce the Green Pest Management system where all the products used in our Green Zone IPM services are considered to be 100% of natural origin. Our botanical insecticides were developed through extensive scientific research and are proven effective in the real world. And it’s not just about being “green”. EcoVia botanical insecticides offer significant performance advantages versus synthetic pesticides for many applications. Botanicals are faster-acting and provide excellent flushing action. Working in the vapor phase, they are “true repellents”, repelling pests that come near the treated area, versus pyrethroids and neonicotinoids.

Since EcoVia range of products are produced from essential oils they are considered the safest insecticide ever! After reviewing the Toxicity Level part in the Safety Data Sheets it will show the  Dermal LD50 no lower than 2000 mg/kg and the Oral LD50 no lower than 2000 mg/kg so they will fall under the green category.

So please make sure that most insecticides that are being sold in the Lebanese market and used by the Pest Control Companies where they are marketed under “without any smell” that they are the safest. 99% of these insecticides fall under the yellow category (Harmful) where the Toxicity Level part in the Safety Data sheet shows Dermal LD50 between 100 – 1000 mg/kg and the Oral LD50 between 50 – 500 mg/kg                                                  

We should take into consideration that the residual effect of the Green Zone Label insecticides is between three weeks to one month where the Yellow Zone Label insecticides are up to three months.

Customized Package

The customer can just ask to control one single kind of pest. After receiving the call, our skilled technicians will just give a visit to the entity and will complete an inspection report showing the entry points, main cause of the infestation, recommended steps to undertake to assure using the safest and the best techniques to control and prevent from future infestation.

Our optimal goal is just to direct and educate our customers to adapt the healthiest and most cost affordable mode of control. 

Silver Package

The Silver package is the Safest and most secured service in all the middle east to tackle crawling insects except Bed Bugs that might enter to your place and create unpleased environment.

          As mentioned above, Boyer will be applying the Green Zone Botanical insecticides to eliminate the pest infestation that occurs. This service will grant you the Ultimate Green Shield that will protect your kids and family. This service will provide you with a whole year guarantee with unlimited calls in order to assure the best, professional, and safest methods to strength the shield.

Gold Package

The gold Package will include the Silver Package plus:

  • The only Organic Bio Sanitation service where all the sewage opening in the kitchen, bathrooms, and balconies will be treated to eliminate chronic moisture and organic matter. The sewage system will be clean, free of organic buildup, and will smell really nice.
  • Boyer technician will offer also the Green Zone Odor Removal Premium Service where all the organic odors from animals, floor edges, garbage bins, bathroom walls, urinals, and carpets will be treated in the best organic product to leave it clean and nice smell.

After applying the Gold Package, the suitable environment for the insects to grow and multiply will be completely eliminated. Thus, we will reach a safe, healthy, and clean environment away from unwanted pests.