Sewage System Premium Service

Sewage systems contains lots of disease-causing germs and parasites. Sewage is treated to get rid of as much of the solid matter as possible. The remaining liquid is called effluent.

In our opinion, a sewage system free of insects will lead to free insect building you should pay a huge attention to the cleanliness and treating it. Let us guide you to the best to the best two options we have:

  • ULV Treatment

Using our German ULV industrial machines and installing the vacuum attachment with connecting tubes, spray head and cover plate in addition to the right insecticide Boyer technician are able to spray all the sewage system with best guaranteed results and using the least amount of insecticides.

  • Thermal Fogger Treatment

Using our German special thermal fogger version machine, we will be able to treat small holes or opening of sewage system without even opening them. The fog generated from the machine will just penetrate in all corners and areas of connecting pipes.