InVict AB Insect Paste


InVict AB Insect Paste (35g)
Abamectin B1 0.05%

Highly Effective, Multi-use 0.05% Abamectin Bait for Ants, Cockroaches & Silverfish
Formulated with Abamectin, a Proven Effective Active Ingredient Derived from Soil Microbes
Contains a Range of Sweet, Oil and Protein Attractants
Provides exceptional control of ants, cockroaches and silverfish in the unmatched convenience of one single bait, reducing the need for multiple products.
Rapidly Kills Workers, Queens and Brood, Eliminating Ant Colonies
Protein Content makes it Ideal for General Spring Ant Baiting and for “Two-node” Ants like Pavement Ants and Pharaoh Ants Year Round
Free of Peanut Ingredients for Sensitive Applications
Such as food plants, schools, child care and health care facilities.
The Special Formula is Very Slow Drying and will Last for Three Months, or until eaten.



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