swingfog® SN 81


swingfog® SN 81

Three stainless steel or polyethylene tank options for the fog liquid are available.
Petrol tanks are made of stainless steel.
The devices are started manually via an air pump. Power is supplied by four dry cell batteries with a capacity of 1.5 V each.

The swingfog® SN 81 Pump does not have an integrated fog liquid tank. The fog liquid is conveyed electrically from a separate tank by a stainless steel pump. A rechargeable battery (12 V, 24 Ah) for operating the pump as well as a battery charger is included in the scope of supply. We offer several optional stainless steel or polyethylene fog liquid tanks with different capacities for this device. These tanks are equipped with a quick coupling for connecting the solution line as well as with ventilation at the tank cap. A drain hose with quick coupling and a ball valve is also included.




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